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Brian Trifiolis Fine Art

Welcome to Trifs Fine Art

Brian's formal art training consists of courses taken during his undergraduate college studies.

He has educated himself over the years in the arts utilizing all sources of information at his disposal.

Through hard work and time consuming dedication he has achieved an impressive level of knowledge and development as an artist.   
Brian has been best known for his celebrity and commission portraiture. 

The owners of his work include Jack Nicholson. (below - People Magazine - 2005). 

Brian has developed his skills in his limited spare time and has become proficient in both Portraits and Landscapes.
His current style is realistic with an expressionist method of application.


Although he works full time in the IT industry, he carves out time in his schedule to satisfy his love of art.


Favorite Artists: Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, JMW Turner, Vincent Van Gogh, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edward Hopper

Contemporary: Ramon Vilanova, Hua Chen, Jean Tierant (Joanny), Johannes Vermeer, Daniel V. Anderson (Dvande)

There are so many I admire, these names are just the beginning a long list.        

All artwork on this website is sold unframed unless otherwise stated. 
Frames can be provided by contacting the artist.

Artwork prices are for the original paintings.

Flatbed Scan Giclee of the originals can be furnished on request.   

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