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Brian Trifiolis Fine Art
Brian Trifiolis

Fine Art

Brian has always had a passion for art.
Following an athletic career, which included football in college and baseball at a professional level,

Brian has worked in the Information Technology field for many years.
During this time, he continued developing his art working primarily with pastel portraits. 
Brian has now completely transitioned to the classic medium of oil paint.
He continues to work exclusively in the study and application of oil painting procedure and technique.   
His style, preferred subject matter and method of application are in continuous flux as he explores the many possibilities that lie ahead. 



Photograph below:

L to R:  Mr. & Mrs. Honorable Judge Lawson R. McElroy, Rider University President Mr. & Mrs. Mordechai Rozanski and Commissioned Fine Artist, Brian Trifiolis, at the unveiling of Trifiolis' portrait of retired judge McElroy, which was presented to the University, June 9, 2012.